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Master theses

Interested in doing a masters project with us?

Those interested in master's theses are welcome to apply by email at any time (also already in the first master's semesters) to: ​ 


Please attach to the email - summarized in one pdf: 

      - Letter of motivation (please also provide information about the possible timeline for the master’s thesis) 

      - Curriculum vitae (please also include information on any previous research experience here (which samples? /                       which data? / which analyses methods?) as well as knowledge of analysis (SPSS, R, ...) and programming software                (Matlab, Python, ..)           

     - if available, include 2 references or reference contacts (possibly from student jobs, previous research internships,                  etc.). 


Master's projects will focus on analyses of existing datasets or on the collection of new data. Data can be pupillometric, behavioral or (with suitable previous experience) MRI data. Analyzes are usually carried out using SPSS or R and Matlab. 


In terms of project contents, the existing datasets and planned studies deal with age differences over the lifespan, as well as changes in early Alzheimer's in  reinforcement learning, attention control, and memory as well as clinical symptoms such as sleep changes or memory problems. MRI data focuses on mapping of noradrenergic structures and functions in the brain. 


Participation in the weekly lab meetings is expected.

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